Artwork by: Pauline Gallagher

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Mastering Notes:

Mastering: -used Pro EQ on various settings, depending on the track, to EQ each track to get them to blend in better with each other -used Barricade as a limiter to boost overall volume to make it competitive with other current recordings. There is still a fair bit of dynamic, and I didn't want to squash it too much. Tracks like "Hero And Friend" and "I Feel So Tired" have such great dynamics in their playing that it would not be good to compress or brickwall the mixes too much. -used an LA2A on a very light setting, more for color than anything else -used a British Channel plugin on the master fader, to knock down the brightness a tad, and to make it clear and punchy, but still decently warm sounding. -cleaned up the starts and ends of tracks -considering that these tracks were recorded with some slightly different setups and mics (by the looks of it), I did the best that I could to make the tracks consistent in tone with each other. That being said, tracks like "Beauty Lights" already were mixed by someone else, and I found the vocals to be louder than I would have mixed them. The instrument mix is consequently a bit lower in the master levels than the other songs, in order to keep the vocal levels consistent with the other songs. -some songs may appear slightly lower in volume than others; "The Other Side Of Me" for example, since the drumming is mostly toms with almost no cymbals or hi-hat, and also since there is no dynamic breakdowns in the track, it will be perceived to be slightly lower in volume. -the beginning of "I Feel So Tired" sounds like it almost may have a split second missing from it, but it could be in the original performance. It was in the files that I had received. I don't think that a listener would detect this, though.
- Royce Williams mastering Engineer at RTS Sound Studios.

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