Artwork by: Victor DeLorenzo

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Mastering Notes:

The main process of the audio was passed through the EMI TG desk, analogue trans. console 1972, this can really warm things up. Here, I filtered below 40Hz but boosted at 45 to tighten up the kick with a medium Q. I boosted at 1.45 KHz to lift the vocals out of the mix in this instance, bringing the vocals forward. I used the TG spreader (usually used for cutting purposes), but this increases the stereo so the sound is more encompassing. I cut out some higher bass 148Hz (only a db mind), this cleared any muddiness and also helped me get more level when boosting the level (Used the prism MASELEC MEA-2 for this). I also added at 14k which gives some life to the top end using the same outboard gear. I used digital compression (only 1.3:1) using the Junger accent 2 and then finally did a pass with the accent 2 Limiter and SPL Loudness maxizer. This holds the digital zero but brings out everything I'd previously processed to give that "In your face!" feel and obviously increased the output. Hope that gives you a little more insight into the process, if I was doing more than one track then the eq may be different so each track flows into the next. Not much eq'ing on this track as the recording / mix was all good.
- Alex Wharton - Mastering Engineer at Abbey Road Studios.

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