Here and There officially released today

OVERHAUL – Here and ThereHere and There was officially released today on THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!

Here and There……. the title was taken from a conversation between Andy and Victor when they were discussing the fact the songs were written “here” in Millport, Scotland and recorded “there” in Milwaukee, USA.

The lineup and recording location for this OVERHAUL album has definitely strayed a bit from the classic lineup but Andy Gallagher teamed up with Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo and Mike Hoffmann (EIEIO/Semi Twang) and recorded the 2nd OVERHAUL album in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which certainly brought a fresh/new feel and dimension to OVERHAUL.

We even started our own little record label, Mood Vertigo Recordings, to release “Here and There” and our single “Paranoid.”

Here and There is available at all good digital download stores and on CD.