Overhaul – Overhaul (Revisited)

New album released on 28th Nov 2019.

***Please note all pre-ordered CD’s will be shipped out on 28th November 2019***

This album was originally meant to be our debut album back in 2002-2003. But we didn’t officially release it because we thought the album could’ve sounded a lot better than it did and fully intended to re-record it later that year. Then new songs came about and we made a decision to start work on the next album Hope Shines Through and shelved the first album. But we always played songs from that album live.

Fast forward 16 years, John joined the band and shortly after the release of our Lighter E.P, we were playing live shows again and John really liked playing Russian Roulette and he asked what album was it off of, Well……. when he heard the album was unreleased he was shocked. So that actually lead on to quite a few band discussions about re-recording the first album and so…… here we are, back again at the very beginning. We’ve come full circle and are ready to unveil what was meant to be our first album. We know you’ll enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed revisiting the recording of these 10 songs again. – Andy Gallagher