S.I.T Strings

12 packs of these bad boys arrived today.

In case you’re a musician and never heard of S.I.T Strings, S.I.T stands for Stay In Tune.  There is a link to S.I.T’s website at the footer.  Go check them out!!!

There is a long story about how Andy came to use S.I.T Strings. And here it is:

Many many years ago back in 1995 I was in Los Angeles, It was a particular sad time for me as I was in L.A for my grandfather’s funeral. To take my mind off the sadness of this trip my Aunt took me to a couple of well known guitar stores in Los Angeles. 
It was at one of these guitar stores I picked up a Gibson Les Paul Studio and started playing “I Stand Alone” by Jackyl. One of the employees recognised the riff and we got talking. Well he informed me that Jackyl use S.I.T’s and gave me two sets of S.I.T strings. I thanked the gentleman very much. 
After the funeral, I went back home and after a few weeks I went and I restrung my guitar with one of the sets I was given and fell in love with them. At that time, I had just started playing guitar and those strings lasted me such a longtime. And the feel of them are just awesome as they still are today. – Andy