“It’s certainly encouraging to see all of the old fans turn out for the gigs, and very special to see new fans rocking out to our older material as well as the fresh new songs.” Andy.

“Playing in Overhaul is a fantastic escape from everyday life into a magical world of music where problems can be solved by blasting bass through a Big Muff.” Kenny

“I have played with many bands in the last 20 years but being with Overhaul is the most liberated I’ve ever felt as a drummer, and as a musician.” John.

Overhaul: an alternative rock band in Scotland

Overhaul are an alternative rock band formed in Scotland in 1997 by American singer-songwriter/musician, Andy Gallagher. They have opened for international touring acts such as Violent Femmes, Dinosaur Jr, Langhorne Slim, Grant Hart of Husker Du, Dom Brown of Duran Duran/Take That, and Ken Stringfellow of R.E.M/The Posies. Overhaul have performed at UK venues such as King Tuts in Glasgow, Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, The Cavern Club in Liverpool, and Vicar St, Dublin in Ireland. They’ve also played many festivals such as Liverpool Sound City, Go North Festival, Inverness, and Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland.

They have released five albums:

They have released five albums: Overhaul (2002), Hope Shines Through (2006), Here and There (2009), Achukma (2013), and Lighter (2018). Hope Shines Through was one of the last albums to be recorded at Glasgow’s CaVa Sound’s Studio one. Studio one was later torn down and made into a parking lot. CaVa is still going strong; in fact, Overhaul recorded part of Achukma there.

Andy Gallagher and Graham Brown also play with Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes’ solo band, Gordon Gano and The Ryans.

Another one of the founding members of Violent Femmes, original drummer Victor DeLorenzo. They co-produced and played drums/percussion, backing vocals, and theremin on Overhaul’s third album, Here and There.

Achukma originally started as an Andy Gallagher solo EP. It released on After Music Recordings in Minneapolis. However, Andy thought the songs were so good. So, he continued to produce and improve on the tracks. Gordon Gano, Mike Watt of Minutemen/Iggy and The Stooges, Astrid Young of Neil Young, and many others were featured on the album.

Overhaul’s self-titled debut was shelved in 2002/2003 due to Andy’s dissatisfaction with its sound.

Recently, Andy revealed he will be remixing and partially re-recording the Overhaul album with a release date to be announced. 

In 2018, the band released Lighter, the first album of original work put together by the new line-up. Overhaul recorded, mixed, and mastered it at The Hidden Studios in Millport. The place is the band’s spiritual home and feel-good place. 

Overhaul – now comprised of the multi-faceted Andy Gallagher, Paisley-based and long-running bassist, Kenny Johnson, and West Coast drummer, John Malone. They have had Lighter on the road for over two years now. The band performs up, down, and all-around Scotland’s towns, cities, and islands. Moreover, they are enjoying frequent airwave exposure from local and international radio stations  

Andy has always loved the collaboration process when it comes to his own unique songwriting abilities.

The band as a whole take part in the process by shaping the songs through improvisations on stage. Moreover, they work with Andy’s material in rehearsal. It’s a fresh and vibrant way to work, and the music coming through reflects the band’s creative approach.

2020 sets out to be an exciting time for Overhaul as they look forward to more gigs and reflecting on their own musical history.

Some previously unreleased songs are back in the studio for a makeover with a documentary crew filming the re-recording process and interviewing the band. It is something that Overhaul has wanted to do for a while. Moreover, fans will be able to see the guys in their own element.

There’s always something magical going on behind the doors of The Hidden Studio. With the band’s extraordinary collaborative writing process and enthusiasm for good music, we can expect more albums and some ‘special recordings’ to arrive soon.