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“It’s certainly encouraging to see all of the old fans turn out for the gigs, and very special to see new fans rocking out to our older material as well as the fresh new songs.” Andy.

“Playing in Overhaul is a fantastic escape from everyday life into a magical world of music where problems can be solved by blasting bass through a Big Muff.” Kenny

“I have played with many bands in the last 20 years but being with Overhaul is the most liberated I’ve ever felt as a drummer, and as a musician.” John.


OVERHAUL are a Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock band formed in Scotland by American Singer/Songwriter/Musician Andy Gallagher in 1997. 

Touring with legendary artists such as Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü/Sugar) Violent Femmes, Dinosaur Jr, Langhorne Slim, Grant Hart (Hüsker Dü) and Ken Stringfellow of R.E.M., Andy Gallagher (guitar/vocals), Kenny Johnson (bass/vocals) and John Malone (drums/backup vocals) form the Rock/Grunge/Alternative Rock band, OVERHAUL. Formed in 1997, Overhaul tapped their musical influences from both U.S. coasts and Scotland to construct their own unique wall of sound built from pounding drums, catchy guitar hooks, and fist-raising vocal.

Rocking the music scene for over 25 years, extensive touring has brought Overhaul to festivals throughout Europe, including Liverpool Sound City, Go North Festival, Inverness, and the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland. Audiences flock to venues such as The Liquid Room in Edinburgh, King Tut’s in Glasgow, and The Cavern in Liverpool to get their daily dose of rock. Fans eagerly scan concert bulletins for a chance to catch Overhaul onstage.

OVERHAUL has five releases to date, including HOPE SHINES THROUGH (2006), HERE and THERE (2009), ACHUKMA (2013), LIGHTER (2018) and OVERHAUL (Revisited) (2021). From the roar of the opening riff of “Dry Your Eyes” on Hope Shines Through, to the overdriven but melodic guitars of the closing song “Can’t Go Back” on OVERHAUL (Revistited), Overhaul is able to retool their sound with each album while being consistent with their musical roots. As the quote from Jimi Hendrix reads on their artwork for Lighter, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” many fans felt peace when the band announced a new album was in the works.

With no intention of reinventing the wheel, OVERHAUL offer good, solid, ear catching songs coupled with entertaining, fun and energetic live performances.





Unbelievable!!! This from a band from a tiny island in Scotland? No F*ckin’ way.

I came of age in the midwest of the USA at the time of underground rock and otherwise rock gigs ; Cheap Trick, Die Kreuzen, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Birthday Party, Meat Puppets, Big Black, Dinosaur Jr. I saw them all. Despite this Overhaul stands up to my youthful memories of the din of rock! Songs like “Yeah! Like a Cartoon” & “Russian Roulette” strike rock in the ass and send it down the road leaving only dust behind OVERHAUL loud, honest, powerful, timeless? Yes! Is OVERHAUL (Revisited) for you? Yes Of course it is if you can stand on your own two feet and face rock music as it was intended to be!

Darren Brown born 1960 . Founder of BOY DIRT CAR, currently celebrating their 40th anniversary

Forged on the West Coasts of the US & Scotland, from LA to Millport, they bring you a 90’s driving rock sound with 21st Century grooves.

John Fell from CamGlen Radio

Great band. Great fellas.

It was a pleasure being on the bill with Overhaul.

Andy Maggot from Geek Maggot Bingo

A sweet mix of musical innocence and honed craft.

Jenny Tingle from CC BADASS

OVERHAUL shows are definitely not to be missed, and all the albums are in my regular rotation. Fantastic music made by truly great people.

Ross Armstrong / OVERHAUL 4 LIFE FAN

After being introduced to OVERHAUL many years ago I have spent many an hour listening to their music. The only thing that can beat listening to them on headphones is to see them live and I can’t wait for new material. Killing ourselves working hard is a personal favourite.

Steve Kirkwood / OVERHAUL 4 LIFE FAN

Sound really good! Has a nice crunch to it, very cool.


Daniel Kubinski from DIE KREUZEN 

This Gut Feeling Inside had a bit of a surf punk feel. Kill Ourselves Working Hard is a tuuune we can all relate to!

This new EP is very grunge, with a punk feel! Incredible bass playing from Kenny throughout, and intense vocals from Andy! Overhaul’s playing was tight! They are all fantastic musicians who give the music mindblowing intensity when you see them perform it live.I heard a lot of heavy grunge, and punk throughout their songs, and even some hints of surf punk. This is a band who I want to see play more, and once you get their new EP ‘Lighter’, you will too!

Caroline Freeman from CC BADASS