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Q. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah sign up to your email list for updates on this, that or the next thing but why would I do that without getting something of value in return? Furthermore aren’t you just gonna spam me every day trying to sell me stuff?

A. Great question….. and we totally get it. We don’t like giving our email address out to just anyone and then get immediately spammed or inundated with emails everyday day and we 100% promise WE WILL NOT email every single day. 

When you sign up to our email list we will send you a Thank You and Welcome video via a follow up email once you’ve signed up, in that email we will also include a 5% discount code for our web store, an invite to join our social media pages and to follow us on Spotify & YouTube. Not only that, we’ll give you an MP3 copy of our album Hope Shines Through to wet your whistle if you’re new to OVERHAUL and our music or if you’re already familiar with our music it still gives you a digital copy of Hope Shines Through. 

Again we promise not to inundate you with emails. We will contact you every now and again when we have upcoming tours, album/single/E.P/Video releases and 1 maybe 2 seasonal sales emails a year.

Hope that’s ok and not too much? If you cool with that AWESOME!!! We like to be 100% transparent. We appreciate each and every one of you for joining OVERHAUL on our musical journey.