Lighter E.P (2018)


Released 21st May 2018.


1. This Gut Feeling Inside

2. It Feels Like We’re The Only Ones Left On Earth

3. Kill Ourselves Working Hard

4. Good Intentions


(P) + (C) 2018 Mood Vertigo Recordings


Artwork by: Andy Gallagher

Available at:


OVERHAUL’s comeback release.

The potent pairing and welcome return of Andy and Kenny’s playing makes this album exciting couple that with new drummer John, makes this album truly kick like a wild mule.

The tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Overhaul at Andy’s home studio “The Hidden Studio” in Millport, Scotland.

Released May 21, 2018







Overhaul are a three piece alternative rock outfit based in Scotland made up of Andy Gallagher on Vocals/Guitar, Kenny Johnson on Bass and John Malone on backing vocals/Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their EP ‘Lighter’ which was released on the 21st May 2018.

‘This Gut Feeling Inside’ has a nice drum roll to greet us, and then it just blasts off, now I’ve always liked songs that are full of energy, but it’s even better when they are also complex instrumentally, it’s not just a fast track, but one where it’s a lot of sounds built up together and ‘This Gut Feeling Inside’ has a lot going on for sure. Overhaul have started this EP off well, and it might be called ‘Lighter’ but if this track is any indication then it’s heavy on great tracks. Terrible joke done, goodnight folks.

‘It Feels Like We’re The Only Ones Left On Earth’ is very different from the last track, slower for a start, more vocally heavy and it really gives that aspect of their music to shine. I like the harmony of the vocals and they are certainly something that’d get you moving…or bobbing your head. This track is one of those ones you could listen to a dozen times and not get bored, it’s also a great track to get some work done to because it’s not too much, but it has nice pace and timing, perfect for atmosphere and just to have a listen.

‘Kill Ourselves Working Hard’ has another strong percussive intro, and bleeds into some amazing guitars and bass, this as an incredibly packed track instrumentally, although their are also plenty of their distinctive vocals as well. This track reminds me of rock from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, something about it makes me feel like I heard this in a coming of age comedy, when they main character finally starts to stand up for himself. Anyway enough of my weird impressions, this track has more strong harmonies, and it just works really well.

‘Good Intentions’ opens with some well paced guitar, that starts to build up with the help of the drumming, I think of all the tracks I liked the tune of this one the most, its simple but catchy and again I really liked the vocal segments, the quality and style add a lot to the track as a whole.

So that’s what I thought about Overhaul’s EP ‘Lighter’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then pop over to Bandcamp. And make sure and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with what they are doing.

Tom Neil – Off The Record

This Gut Feeling Inside had a bit of a surf punk feel. Kill Ourselves Working Hard is a tuuune we can all relate to! This new EP is very grunge, with a punk feel! Incredible bass playing from Kenny throughout, and intense vocals from Andy! Overhaul’s playing was tight! They are all fantastic musicians who give the music mindblowing intensity when you see them perform it live.

I heard a lot of heavy grunge, and punk throughout their songs, and even some hints of surf punk. This is a band who I want to see play more, and once you get their new EP ‘Lighter’, you will too!