Overhaul (Revisited) (2021)

OVERHAUL (Revistied) 2021


Released September 2021

1.  I’m Scared

2.  Say What You Will

3.  Reaching For The Star

4.  Yeah! Like A Cartoon

5.  How I Long To Be With You

6.  Rain

7.  Tied To The Tracks 

8.  Russian Roulette 

9.  Drawing The Line

10. Can’t Go Back 





What people are saying about the album:

Media/Radio –

Overhaul Revisted – the band comprising of personnel from both sides of the Atlantic do exactly what it says on the label and revisit their 1st Album. This allows you to hear the raw sound updated and the influences that have inspired the band such as the Foo Fighters on tracks like,  ‘I’m scared & ‘How I long to be with you’.  But don’t think it’s all post grunge. Listen to ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled on a new Neil Young album before the listener is returned to the lush sound of Minneapolis’ Soul Asylum on ‘Drawing the Line’.


If the 90’s was your era then this album is for you. If you are influenced by the 70’s hippy sound of Neil Young then this album is for you. What’s not to like?

John Fell from CamGlen Radio

Unbelievable!!! This from a band from a tiny island in Scotland? No F*ckin way.

I came of age in the midwest of the USA at the time of underground rock and otherwise rock gigs ; Cheap Trick Die Kreuzen , Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Birthday Party, Meat Puppets, Big Black, Dinosaur Jr. I saw them all Despite this Overhaul stands up to my youthful memories of the din of rock! Songs like “Yeah! Like a Cartoon” & “Russian Roulette” strike rock in the ass and send it down the road leaving only dust behind OVERHAUL loud , honest, powerful, timeless? Yes! Is Overhaul (Revisited) for you? Yes Of course it is if you can stand on your own two feet and face rock music as it was intended to be!

Darren Brown born 1960 . Founder of Boy Dirt Car , currently celebrating there 40th anniversary

Sound really good! Has a nice crunch to it, very cool.

Daniel Kubinski from Die Kreuzen

Great Release from OVERHAUL high energy on a tilt. vibrant open chords and chromatic melodies ( Nirvana, Ramones,The Damed) with Americana overtones and all from a the band hailing from the Clyde Delta.

Paul Armour From Cuban Heels

Pure melody welded to bone cracking riffs (Old quote from 2004 but one based on the songs from the album)

from Largs and Millport Newspaper

A sweet mix of musical innocence and honed craft. Full album review here: https://www.ccbadass.com/page-1-overhaul?fbclid=IwAR12T8Q9L5Fw0uwmGEaihfG1wcq8Y_7MxFov-f30AmFP6RkyN2wQJsbF7i8

Jenny Tingle from CC BADASS